Salwar Kameez Online UK

Salwar Kameez Online UK 

Salwar kameez is the customary dress worn by people of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.   The exact origin of the salwar kameez is not known but it is believed that it was introduced by the modest religious Indian and Pakistani people, and it was brought into India by the Central Asian invaders.  Eventually, it became popular and is now used by several women, especially by Indian women. 

Salwar kameez is a combination of three pieces - Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta. A Salwar Suit is a pair of loose trousers. The legs are wide at the top, narrow at the ankle and are tied at the waist. A kameez is the top part of the outfit and it is worn above the salwar.  It is usually knee length but the contemporary design in current trends is above the knees. It is like a shirt or a tunic. The dupatta is a long scarf, a fashionable accessory that is draped around or on one shoulder.  

Our varieties of Salwar kameez online range from casual and summer wear to party wear. We offer a variety of Indian styles and designs. We also have tried our best to provide them in all the colours possible so that you will be spoilt for choice; from crimson red to electric blue.  If you still cannot find the colour you want, we can customise on special request. If your size is not available, we can adapt it with the measurements given by you.  

Why shop for salwar kameez online in the UK? It is convenient; there’s a wider variability; there are less crowds and no waiting at the till and fewer expenses.  Numerous times when we opt for conventional shopping, we have a habit of spending more than required, for example, eating out, impulsive shopping and traveling costs. 

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