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Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali Dresses UKAnarkali Dresses is a dress that has currently made its way back to the Asian fashion world. Anarkali dresses in the UK are made of a long, frock-style top and features tight-fitting trouser.  It comes in many different lengths, such as floor length or just above the ankles. Most are designed with heavier embroidery for wedding occasions and parties. You can also buy them in simple styles to wear every day. It is made of material that is soft and flows naturally, for example, chiffon or georgette.  It is a combination of a long graceful kurta or otherwise known as a Maxi Gown Or Kaftan coming down around the legs like an umbrella and is fitted on the bust.  Like all kameezes, the Anarkali can be with sleeves ranging from cap- to full arms or sleeveless.


Anarkali suits consist of churidaar trousers. This is a salwar, which is loose up to knees and then fits the calf below. 


The Anarkali dress owes its name to the fictional character Anarkali - a courtesan in the court of the Mughal Crown Prince Akbar. She was murdered for her illicit relationship with him. During this period, women wore this to enhance their beauty to attract men.  


This timeless vogue always has been in Indian fashion and compliments all body types. Whether you are short, tall, skinny or plump, this is the dress or Maxi gown that highlights your good features and covers up your imperfections.   At present, celebrities have taken a great liking to anarkali dresses. Bollywood fashionistas, such as, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have made this the biggest rage. Anarkali dresses give a majestic look.


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